Benefit Art Auction – October 22 @ 12-1 PM
Last Updated on Saturday, 8 October 2011 04:33
Saturday, 8 October 2011 03:24

Buy art during our benefit art auction on Saturday, October 22 at 12-1 PM and help support the health expenses and future care of  11-year-old Plaza student Lisa Gonzalez.

Hit by a car on August 29 when crossing the street, Lisa suffered severe brain damage, broken collar and hip bones, and tailbone fractures. She has since gone into a coma and is expected to remain this way indefinitely — her outcome is unknown. The family is hoping for a miracle since doctors have stated that she may never walk, talk, or have full brain function.

This benefit art auction is being hosted by friends and local artists who are committed to helping Lisa and her family during these difficult times. They are faced with medical expenses and a need to find a home for her long-term care.

Local artists are asked to consider donating a work of art for Plaza’s benefit auction with 100% of any proceeds going to help the family. To learn more, call (323) 223-2475.



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