Media Resources

Below are some materials and guidelines that you may find useful when referencing Plaza de la Raza.

Image courtesouy of Amanda Goheen 

Image courtesouy of Amanda Goheen 

The Name Plaza de la Raza

Our organization's name is Plaza de la Raza, "The Place of the People."

Please note that we do not capitalize "de la" and do not abbreviate our name to PDLR.

Because there are other organizations with the word "Plaza" in Los Angeles and beyond, we ask that you refer to Plaza de la Raza by our complete name.

The Logo 

Plaza de la Raza's primary logo features an intricately designed yellow sun on a red square, evoking the work of papel picado. 

The vertical logo is our primarily logo. The red and yellow version or black and white versions of our logo are the only acceptable uses of our logo. Please do not change the logo's color.

Furthermore, please do not shorten, crop, slice, invert, rotate, squish, or otherwise change our logo under any circumstance. 

The logo can be downloaded here.

Plaza Logo.PNG


Our Social Media

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